IUI- Intra Uterine Insemination
Age of the woman is beyond 40
If infertility has existed for over 3 years.
  After 3 cycles the chances fall.
    IUI- Intra Uterine Insemination  
  This is one of the solutions that treat infertility. However women suffering from tubal damage, poor egg quality, menopause and men with severe infertility or low sperm counts are exceptions to this case. Also the chances diffuse as the age of the lady crosses 45.Intrauterine insemination is used for couples with unknown infertility, mild male infertility, cervical infertility etc. The process of insemination

Insemination is normally carried out when one is nearing the ovulation cycle. Medication is used to stimulate a woman to produce multiple eggs. While the semen is procured from the male who has brought a specimen from home or is made to masturbate in the clinic. The semen has to be produced after 2-5 days of abstaining from ejaculation.

Next the washing of the semen is carried out. Here the sperm is separated from the other fluids and kept as a concentrated component. Sperm washing takes fifteen minutes to an hour depending on the case and the technique used by the clinic.

Now with one component ready, a soft catheter is used to insert the sperm in the cervix of the woman or in the uterine cavity.

The woman is required to lie down during this process although the position is not proved to better pregnancy.

With the onset of ovulation, intrauterine insemination has to be conducted within 6 hours. If the male is known to be infertile IUI after ovulation is thought to be purposeful. If it is based on the hCG injection then IUI is done 24 to 48 hours later. Sometimes two IUI can also be conducted. In this case there has to be a break of 12 hours between the first and the second.

Success rates of this method

The success rate depends on the age of the woman conceiving. It is critical if the lady has crossed the age of 35, and even more dangerous if it is beyond 40. It also depends on the reason of infertility and the number of washed sperms that actually made up the concentrated volume.

Success rate declines if:

a) Age of the woman is beyond 40
b) There is poor quality of egg or sperm,
c) Excessive tubal damage or any pelvic scar is present
d) If infertility has existed for over 3 years.

If the age of the lady is beyond 35 and the couple is suffering from unknown infertility and if she has been trying for more than 2 years her chances are around 5% per month with clomiphene together with intrauterine insemination for around 3 cycles. After 3 cycles the chances fall.

Intrauterine insemination’s success rate is said to range from 5% to 26% keeping in mind various factors that affect conception. Moreover this process being gentle with no surgery or operation is said to be a painless method for conception to the woman.
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