DI (Donor Insemination)
70 to 80% of couples who choose DI
range of benefits to couples
  Has been in practice for over 100 years!
    Donor Insemination  
  DI (Donor Insemination) is now widely practiced throughout the world. The pregnancy rate is high: 70 to 80% of couples who choose DI eventually have a child by this method. 30-50,000 babies are conceived each year in North America with the help of DI. It's time that DI become a widely accepted form of family building.

As the parents of a child conceived through DI, we understand the challenges and choices couple turning to DI face. We have a beautiful son who was conceived with the help of DI. It is our hope that society will become more accepting of this option to family building that has been in practice for over 100 years!

DI offers a range of benefits to couples.

The experience of pregnancy from the start to the birth, often seen as an important preparation for parenthood, is shared by the couple.
One parent has a biological and genetic link with the child.
By attending the inseminations the husband can share in the child's conception.
DI is a relatively simple and usually painless procedure requiring neither surgery nor a stay in hospital.
Public opinion is showing a far greater acceptance of DI as a means of having a family. Many couples find they receive support and reassurance from their family and friends when they tell them they are receiving the treatment.
The treatment is confidential. Couples decide for themselves who knows that they are being treated.
The anonymity of the donor ensures against any legal, material or emotional claim by him on the couple or child and vice versa.
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